The leading communication associations (BVDW, CMF, FAMAB, GWA, GPRA and OMG) started an employer branding umbrella campaign throughout the entire industry today. The goal is to provide information about the multifaceted job profiles in agencies. Themed as “Make something out of it. Come into the agency!” the campaign addresses students all over Germany. This campaign is extraordinary insofar as that the communication associations originate a campaign together for the very first time.

Centerpiece is a special internship during the summer break in 2017. It is called “agency surfing”. The students obtain the chance to get to know 6 different agencies in a 12-week internship. The participating agencies are all from industries such as Live-Communication, Media, PR, Advertisement, Content and Digital. This represents a unique opportunity to gain heaps of experience and to forge enduring links. The agency surfing will be offered in all major cities throughout Germany. Altogether there are more than 100 internships available.

The campaign

To advertise the campaign, we are visiting universities together with colleagues from other agencies. Flyers are distributed, posters are put up and claims are sprayed on the floor with water-soluble spray chalk. In addition, we switch our website and social media channels to a blank white page because the white (blank) sheet is the key visual of this campaign.

We, as one of Hamburg’s event agencies, are taking part in this agency surfing. You are a student? You would like to design and shape something? Apply for the agency surfing at