Also, in 2019 Kontrapunkt accompanied the international strategy meeting of the top management of Schneider Electric and supervised the one-week leadership conference “Top Pulse”.

This year’s highlight for the 180 top managers from 22 countries worldwide was the evening event at the German Bundestag.

Above the roofs of Berlin, more precisely in the Käfer “Dachgarten-Restaurant”, which is located on the rooftop of the historic “Reichstag” building, the guests could enjoy an evening with summery temperatures. A breathtaking view of the German capital, a sensational Michelin star menu and a great event ambience made this evening a unique and unforgettable experience for everyone who was able to attend. The logistical challenge which was mastered by Kontrapunkt: To get the top management through the strong security measures of the German Bundestag without any waiting times.

The core services of Kontrapunkt

Beside the event evening in the German seat of government, Kontrapunkt was also responsible for the organization of the 3-day leadership conference, which took place in the 5-star hotel “Grand Hyatt” at Potsdamer Platz. Schneider Electric was given an all-round carefree package so that they could concentrate completely on their business topics.

Result: Capital flair, great locations, sunshine, perfect event, management satisfied, customer happy, agency happy.

The Kontrapunkt team is already looking forward to 2020.