On 20th November, Kontrapunkt organized a conference called “Wake up, Europe! Can we catch up digitally?” from DER SPIEGEL’s Futura event series.

On the evening before the conference, DER SPIEGEL invited the participants of Futura to the publishing house at Ericusspitze in Hamburg’s HafenCity. The keynote speaker was Frank Thelen, founder and well-known investor.

On the next day, renowned speakers from business, science and politics outlined different perspectives what the digital future could look like. After all, topics such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and robotics will change the economy and society at an unprecedented pace. All agreed that if Germany wants to continue being part of shaping this development in the future and not only be a follower, things have to change in people’s thinking and acting.

Digital conference with on-site and online interaction

By using an interactive voting tool, around 350 guests were able to take part in short surveys via their smartphones. Various Q&A sessions also gave the audience the opportunity to formulate their own questions. Through the direct livestream on Spiegel-Online, every Internet user also had direct access to the conference. This extensive, and above all, qualified feedback was then discussed further directly in the various panels. Event-Interaction at its best!

Courage and action instead of just talking!

Outcome of the day: The chances for a successful digital future are there. But we need much more courage and must finally “action” more than just talk if we don’t only want to leave this future to the five big Silicon Valley companies. So there was a whiff of awakening in the air when the guests left the Curio House at around 7 pm.

Everyone who would like to be more inspired and informed will find impressions of the event here.

Kontrapunkt says THANK YOU and looks forward to many more Futura conferences for DER SPIEGEL.