The certification is based on criteria specifically established for the live-event communication industry by the German professional association, FAMAB. Sustainability is now a fixture in the boardroom of any modern company.

The certification is Kontrapunkt’s answer to the requirements of many clients whose sustainability policies not only require their own business practices to be sustainable, but also those of the service providers engaged. “We are aware of the responsibility this certification involves” explains Kontrapunkt’s Managing Director Stefan Rössle. “We have worked on the criteria catalogue, which comprises eleven areas, and after having passed the review and audit, we are now authorised to use the aforementioned seal.”

FAMAB has consciously decided against existing certification schemes and worked out their own standard based on the key criteria of sector relevance, practical relevance and transparency. The eleven sustainability-relevant areas each comprise a number of sustainable business management measures, which are weighted differently. Industry insiders and sustainability experts classified them according to three significance categories: high, medium and low. During the certification each measure is checked, assessed and awarded points within the context. A company will only be authorised to use the title “Sustainable Company powered by FAMAB” if its energy and waste management, its mobility and staff responsibility are exemplary.