The special moments of a metropolitan usually take place where there are little of his own kind hence the event agency Kontrapunkt from Hamburg heard the mountain’s call for a group of successful sales staff to participate in a corporate event. For four days, the team members of an insurance company left behind their daily routine and hurled themselves into the idyllic remoteness of the Swiss Alps. Luxury camping at 1,400 meters altitude in a snow-covered landscape instead of an office desk and mobile phone. Paired with the destination’s exclusiveness and an extraordinary framework program, Kontrapunkt succeeded to create a journey which became an unforgettable event.

One swaps his pinstripe suit for a woolen pullover, his company car for a dog sled and his apartment for a heated igloo tent and a unique and memorable adventure tour is born. Not only did Kontrapunkt focus on Switzerland and its mountains but they also let their guests slip into a different world by taking them on a snowshoe hike or a sleigh ride, letting them taste Swiss raw milk specialties at isolated alpine cabins or offering them a short-time internship at a chocolate confectionery. But the most special moments evolved from the nights in a chimney heated tent surrounded by the snowy alpine panorama.