Once again the event team of Kontrapunkt designed and realized an international leadership event for Schneider Electric. In November 2017, 232 guests from all over the world met in Paris to discuss future strategies in the global supply chain.

Kontrapunkt delivers Full Service

Kontrapunkt’s services included the entire guest management including visa management. This was implemented with our own software Konquadrat. Furthermore, Kontrapunkt was responsible for the overall event organization, technical and setup planning, branding as well as the entire event direction.

Three days of content, content, content

Naturally, the three conference days were packed with content. To avoid spinning heads, the agenda varied from plenary to workshop sessions and group discussions including interactive content with live votes. Various game sessions and plenty of breaks rounded off the program. This ensured a consistently high guest attention at all times.

Pop star for one night with Ciaran Gribbin from INXS

A special highlight for the guests was a dinner in a renovated 16th century estate near Paris.
The surprise guest was no other than Ciaran Gribbin. The last frontman of the legendary Australian band INXS not only played different songs with his new band, but also “jammed” together with guests performing their own songs on stage! An unforgettable evening for everyone onsite!