The 11th PES Congress (Party of European Socialists) took place in Lisbon on 7th and 8th December with great media attention and with the support of Kontrapunkt.

Over 1,000 participants, including government representatives, delegates, activists and guests from 56 countries, met to discuss key European issues before Brexit and the 2019 European elections as well as to welcome the PES’s common candidate, Frans Timmermans.

Two days of full programme

The first day of the conference was held in the building of the University of ISCTE under the motto “Free, Fair, Sustainable: The Progressive Europe We Want”.
On Saturday, the PES common candidate Frans Timmermans was presented in the neighbouring Auditório Professor Simões dos Santos. Among the guests and speakers were the Prime Ministers of Portugal and Spain António Costa as well as Pedro Sanchez.
International press representatives reported on the important event (e.g. ARD tagesschau and ZDF heute journal).

Even ZDF is amazed!

A perfect show calling creates dramaturgical highlights to surprise and enthrall the guests. Dear ZDF heute journal – such a thing does not happen by magic … 😊

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In cooperation with the advertising agency KNSK, Kontrapunkt has been working for the PES since 2016.
The Party of European Socialists unites social democrats from all over Europe. The PES fights for a better and more progressive Europe and consists of 33 full members, 12 associated and 12 observer parties.

Copyright Foto: PES Communications