Zusammen.Wachsen.Gestalten – our motto for the Hightech Forum’s results conference.

The Hightech Forum is the German government’s central advisory body for the implementation of the Hightech Strategy 2025.

The interactive live show with more than 2000 participants in the live stream and more than 1000 participants in the live chat focused on resilience and sovereignty, entrepreneurship and social innovation, sustainability and co-creation.

Kontrapunkt was responsible for the entire production of the four-hour live show as well as content creation and participant management.

đŸ‘©â€đŸ’» 2.300+ viewers
💬 1000+ chat messages on live chat
❓ 7 live polls
🎙 50 (mostly connected) speakers
đŸŽ„ 10 showcase video productions

All set goals were achieved, many expectations exceeded, and what will be remembered is an exciting presentation of research and innovation in Germany that calls for further participation and discussion.



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