Mid June 2013 saw the successful completion of the KYOCERA Evolution Tour in Hanover. For the second consecutive time Kontrapunkt accompanied the annual road show of KYOCERA Document Solutions. All in all, the KYOCERA Evolution Tour took Kontrapunkt to eight big German cities. In each of the cities an end-customer conference was held.

The theme of the road show was the evolution of IT and the resulting transformation of the office und working world. On the example of real-life situations IT document management strategies and solutions for the office of the future were presented and discussed. The target group of the conference were IT decision-makers / executive staff and IT managers. Kontrapunkt was responsible for the infrastructure at the various event venues of the road show as well as for the guest management.

“Most of the road shows took place in automobile museums such as, for example, the Meilenwerk in Stuttgart or the Classic Remise in Düsseldorf,” reports Kristin Westphal of Kontrapunkt, who was on site throughout the tour. “These attractive locations were additional highlights for the predominantly male guests. A highly unconventional and thus exciting combination as KYOCERA Document Solutions presented an outlook on the IT strategies of tomorrow amidst vintage automobiles.”

Supported by the Kontrapunkt-own online tool “konquadrat” the more than 1,800 Germany-wide partners of KYOCERA Document Solutions were able to centrally manage their individual road show guest lists via a common platform. Each partner had its own backend and could enter participants, inform and invite them and view the latest participant status. The result was a high-quality distribution platform , which was reflected in the guests on site.