At the beginning of the new fiscal year, we staged the kick-off event with almost 400 guests for one of our framework contract partners for the 5th time in a row. This year, the venue for this all-day conference and subsequent event was the Kuppel Hamburg.

Interactive conference

An internal Master of Ceremony duo led the conference program with many international guests. Both gathered online feedback for all presentations. Additional questions were then answered “just in time” live from stage. In addition, Kontrapunkt produced short films for various presentations. These provided not only important content, but also added some fun entertainment to the presentations. Last but not least, the management board honoured outstanding achievements of the past year.

Let’s Celebrate Good Times!

This year, the change of fiscal year should be duly celebrated. For this special occasion we staged a kick-off event and evening full of emotional moments and simply celebrated New Year’s Eve a second time! By keeping within the motto, the location was quickly rebuilt once the conference ended in order to welcome the guests in New Year’s Eve ambience. Large helium-filled balloons, lucky clover, streamers and glittering garlands gave the room a completely new face and put the guests in the mood for the upcoming New Year’s Eve Party.

The countdown is on …

Of course, the cult classic of New Year’s Eve was not missing on this occasion either. Dinner for One! This show is broadcasted every year on German TV. For this, the whole stage setting was rebuilt and two actors brought the annual dinner of Ms. Sophie and her butler James to the stage. Small difference – the four managers suddenly became part of the live production! The rousing conclusion was the counting down of the clock, which ended in a fireworks display of streamers and the first party set of the seven-member live band. And then the party started …