Kontrapunkt staged the keel-laying ceremony of the new cruise liner Mein Schiff 3 for TUI Cruises at the Finish STX shipyard in Turku. With a mesmerising choreography of media projections, sounds, light effects and live music Kontrapunkt pulled all the stops for TUI Cruises and staged an extraordinary event that left industry insiders, the media and business partners in awe.

Keel-laying is a traditional ceremony in shipping that marks the start of the construction of the ship’s hull. It is usually celebrated with representatives from the shipyard and the shipping company. Until today, one or several coins are placed on the bracing below the first section of the ship for good luck. TUI Cruises had however decided to make the keel-laying ceremony of the first ship built for the company an event that would catch the attention of the media. Kontrapunkt won the account after a multi-agency pitching process.

Creating emotional images is one of the strengths of Kontrapunkt. The surreal, rough backdrop of the Finish shipyard’s dry dock built into the rock was the perfect stage to present an out-of-the-ordinary concept. At the centre of the story developed by Kontrapunkt were the five highly symbolic coins – lucky coins – that were brought to life with archaic pictures.

“The powerful music tuned to the character of the event was a key element of our dramatic staging,” says Nico Röper of Kontrapunkt, “because Mein Schiff 3 will house the world’s first on-board sound hall with 300 seats, where guests can enjoy an acoustic experience of the finest.”

The emotional peak of the evening was the moment when, to the sound of this music, the first section of Mein Schiff 3 was lowered onto the bracing. The ceremony concluded with a fireworks display against the deep-blue Finish night sky.

“Never before have we been to such a stunning event” – that’s what Kontrapunkt’s Managing Director Harald Böttcher overheard the audience say after the event. The press and the internet sounded equally enthusiastic.