As the responsible conference agency, Kontrapunkt accompanied the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft’s FUTURAS IN RES event series in Berlin in 2019. The main topic this year:

What‘s the IQ of AI?

At the AXICA in Berlin, international designers and decision-makers from the fields of science, economics and politics discussed their opinions, gave lectures on the current status of artificial intelligence (AI) research and then took a look into what can be expected from the future.

Questions that were discussed included: Can AI really think and will it be able to develop empathy or a kind of consciousness? How will AI change society? At which point should AI be used and – just as important – where not.

It was agreed that knowledge and further research on the complex and disruptive effects of this technology will be critical for our futures success. Researchers and developers are needed, but also thinkers and admonishers.

Kontrapunkt has been supporting the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in the organization and realization of the FUTURAS IN RES event series since its introduction.