With our in-house guest management system Konquadrat (kon2) Kontrapunkt supported the University of Bielefeld and the University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld with the participant management and -communication of the 10th Federal Congress on Social Work.

Communication with the guests

In addition to the normal registration process for the guests, the system also handled the entire pre- and post-communication. Personalized e-mails could be sent directly to the participants. Guests were reminded, asked to select a program, invoices and participation certificates were sent. This centralizes the entire participant administration.

Social price model

Kontrapunkt wrapped up an individual price selection for the participants. Each guest was allowed to decide for himself what amount to pay within a given framework. The aim was to make it possible for people with lower incomes to take part in the fee-based congress.

Program selection – digital and individual

One year before the start of the event, the registration system went online. A “Call for Papers” was integrated to design the programme items.
Half a year later, more than 120 individual sessions (workshops, lectures, etc.) were prepared and uploaded into the online system three weeks before the start of the event.
The guests were asked to select a programme by e-mail. Each guest was able to create an individual and digital programme as a PDF and calendar file and make changes at any time.

Federal Congress on Social Work

The Federal Congress on Social Work was founded 25 years ago as a national discussion forum for science and practice. More than 150 workshops and lectures were held in Bielefeld over the three days, focusing primarily on the perspective of social work.