The DNV GL Family Day is an event for all employees and their families – simultaneously at seven locations throughout Germany and everywhere with the same program. The focus is on experiencing things together, having fun and maintaining good contact between colleagues and their families. Kontrapunkt is right in the middle for our customer DNV GL.

Spaghetti-Marshmallow Challenge

Creativity was needed for the unusual hands-on activities such as the Spaghetti-Marshmallow Challenge. A tower as high as possible was to be built in a given time.
The building material: 1 marshmallow, 20 spaghetti and 10 cm tape. The heart of every engineer blossoms out there! But sometimes even the children had the simplest and best ideas. And as a connecting challenge, the live ranking for all locations could even be followed on a separate website.


The second crowd-puller was the VR Experience. Even the little ones were enthusiastic about the three-dimensional world. Now at last all children know what mum or dad are actually doing in the company all day long.

Social Media

The central contact point in bright sunshine was the large Social Media Wall. Here the guests could see what the other locations were doing at the joint BBQ. Photos were posted with a common hashtag. An effective and simple way of creating a sense of togetherness between the locations.

Conclusion: Such a family day is simply beautiful and uncomplicated with laughing children and relaxed parents. That’s why the colleagues all agree at the end of the day: “We should do this more often”.