Make your event shine in the right light and bring the emotions of your event to life in your corporate design. We will use the design to create event media – be it stage back walls, conference brochures, flyers or invitation cards. We implement your design specifications down to the very last detail and deliver high-quality final products.
You want to re-launch your CI? No problem for our creative specialists! Our graphic designers will come up with a variety of designs for a new logo or claim or an optimised web design – modern, straightforward and self-confident. We give the character of your company a face. Show who you are – build brand recognition!

Use the language of images to convey messages in a powerful way. Large-screen videos will help to pep up the stage show at your event – with stunning effects! Take your guests on a journey back in time and into the future, present image films, or make more complex issues less intimidating in short clips.
From the story board via planning and implementation through to filming and post-production – we are your single point of contact. 3D and graphic animations will be the special effects of your dramaturgy and make your films unique. Moving pictures will engage the audience on every level.