Digital Events

We create unique digital events that generate maximum attention and embed messages in a way that is noticeably effective.


Digital events offer greater opportunities than just an adequate response to the corona crisis

Until recently, digital events led a shadowy existence despite the apparent immense cost and time advantages. No long journeys, no expensive hotel and event costs. But with the Corona virus, suddenly interest is here. At present Digital events are “without alternative”. Because they are currently the only safe way to exchange information on a larger scale and even across national borders.

Webex and Skype are no substitute for events

To say it right away: Webex and Skype are not a substitute for events and have nothing to do with digital events. Yes, it is possible to share a PowerPoint, see each other and talk to each other. But let’s be honest, a sequence of various lectures with PPT presentations is hard to bear even “live”.

Unfortunately, it is not enough to record the events on an event stage with one or two cameras and simply stream them on the Internet. Because the viewers on the screen are spoiled. Their viewing habits are influenced by highly professional TV experiences.

So, what makes a good digital event?

A successful digital event requires its own agenda. Simply implementing an existing live event concept in a digital format is not enough.
However, many of the well-known event guidelines remain: we all recall our last business event. Which lecture is the one we remember best? It was the one where the speaker took me on an adventure ride through the topic. PowerPoint was probably also there, but they were informative as well as surprising slides, which were always just the “add on” to the lecture (or better: to the performance). There was a sense of dramaturgy throughout the whole process with topics, interaction, entertainment and most importantly – lots of networking.

That’s what makes it so difficult on a digital level. Spreading motivation, team spirit, leadership strength digitally requires even more personality, skills, content and last but not least, a lot of rehearsing. Dramaturgy is the determining factor. Because if viewers get bored, they switch off. And it’s even easier online – at the touch of a button.

Digital Event “zusammen.wachsen.gestalten” by Kontrapunkt

Kontrapunkt designed an interactive live show for the conference of the high-tech forum with the topics resilience and sovereignty, entrepreneurship and social innovations, sustainability and co-creation. The result was more than 2000 participants in the live stream and more than 1000 participants in the live chat. In addition to the entire production of the four-hour live show, Kontrapunkt was also responsible for content creation and participant management.


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Added value

So digital events are more like a TV production, but they offer far more: The digital interaction possibilities with your participants are numerous. This creates an active involvement in the program and a feeling of togetherness even over long distances.

The new possibilities are vast. Suddenly you cannot only motivate 500 managers for the new strategy, but all employees on all continents at the same time.

With the right technical partner, you can stream your event securely to all locations, actively involve colleagues in Mexico City, Chicago and Shanghai and enable global commitment within the company. This is new, exciting, different. Maybe this is exactly the right moment to enter the world of digital events. As an experienced partner, Kontrapunkt is at your side to design your individual digital event that fits your ambitions, your brand and your target group.

Hybrid Events

The rapid increase of digital/virtual meetings in the last weeks has significantly increased the acceptance of participation in virtual events. In the long term, this will develop into a new form of hybrid events.

In the future, events will be staged for two different target groups. For the participants on site, but at the same time for digital participants. The most important aspect of both formats is the live component.

The digital conference will differ significantly from the real conference and the two conferences will certainly not always run completely parallel to each other. This will massively increase the range of events in the future. We are facing a major, very exciting change.

Guest management & minimisation of the Corona infection risk using konquadrat

The Corona crisis also presents organisers with significant organisational challenges in guest management: The minimisation of the risk of infection through targeted measures and the traceability of infection chains is required. Our participant management system konquadrat offers secure and DSGVO-compliant documentation of all attendees.

After all, the recording of personal data is not only about information on the guests, but also about all those involved in the background. A secure and professional solution for the area of participant management is therefore a prerequisite for compliance with official requirements. With konquadrat processing participant data, it provides this solution before, during and after the event:

Communication before the event

  1. 1Digital and online-based master data administration of all relevant individuals
  2. Maximum number of participants: Allocation management
  3. Division into groups (e.g. for time slots)
  4. Query options (e.g. to control risk factors)
  5. Document upload (e.g. for evidence or declarations)

Management of participants during the event

How can requirements be met on site?

  1. Division of guests into check-in groups
  2. Contactless check-in process
  3. Real-time documentation of the individuals present
  4. Access control in other areas of the location (e.g. workshop rooms)
  5. Seat assignment via interactive seating tool

Follow Up

How does the documentation succeed?

  1. Saving of personal data (guests and employees) according to DSGVO and regulations
  2. Seating plans for tracing possible chains of infection
  3. If ordered: Transfer of the data to the competent authority

Digital Events – Dos and Don’ts

  1. You need content adapted to the digital format and very good speakers with a special “show talent” in order to attract as many participants as possible and to bind them to the broadcast over a long period of time.
  2. The preparation does not require less time and effort, but rather a different one. Therefore, a good project plan for the organisation as well as enough preparation time is needed.
  3. The transfer must be stable. A technical failure is the worst case. This concerns primarily the “transmitter”, but also the “receiver”.
  4. Like at any live event, you have to offer a clear added value for the participants (What’s in for me?)
  5. One should not try to convert an existing live event into a digital event, but must develop a new concept, with a special dramaturgy that takes into account the new medium, the target group and the objectives.

What are the advantages of digital events? What are the disadvantages?