Where do we get our drinking water from? Our customer HAMBURG WASSER provided the citizens of Hamburg with exciting insights into the topic of drinking water production on 9 September with an open day at the Glinde waterworks.

Employees of the waterworks were available at various stations of the plant with their specialist knowledge and informed the visitors, young and old. And the citizens were amazed when they entered the atomization tower, reaction tanks and the 6 open quick filters.

Event program for the whole day

In addition to the information points on the subject of water, there was information areas and entertainment programme on the entire site. On the central stage, the live band provided the atmosphere and the large lawn area of the grounds was specially transformed for the anniversary into a football field for kids.

Up to 36 million litres of water per day

The Glinde waterworks are located in a water conservation area covering approx. 36 square kilometres. And good to know the Glinde waterworks alone – as just one of 16 Hamburg waterworks – delivers water to the whole eastern part of Hamburg. The water is pumped from 14 deep wells from 128 m to 212 m depth. Best drinking water quality directly from nature! It’s certainly not only the Kontrapunkt Team drinking the best “organic drinking water” directly from the tap since our impressive visit to Glinde.


HAMBURG WASSER closes the water cycle because the company combines drinking water supply and wastewater disposal in one company. These two oldest public water supply and sanitation companies on the European continent today can rely on more than 160 years of experience to ensure safe water supply and sanitation for all citizens at the highest level.