On the last Thursday in November, the 8th German Renewables Award ceremony was celebrated in the “Opernloft” (opera loft) in Hamburg-Altona.

An evening among friends was the motto of the event, which was held in a cosy and familiar atmosphere in the beautiful location next to Hamburg harbour. The “living room concert”-style was elegantly completed with dynamic jingles of a North German band.

The “Cluster Erneuerbare Energien Hamburg” awarded this year’s winners in the categories Product Innovation of the Year, Project of the Year, Student Work of the Year, Lifetime achievement and Journalists’ Award. Virtual power plants, power purchase agreements as well as sustainable heat supply concepts in commercial enterprises were the topics of the award winners.

In summary, the welcoming motto, the cosy opera loft, the relaxed atmosphere of the event, the outstanding innovations and the great commitment of the award winners all harmonized perfectly.

And the best thing about it is that almost no waste was produced at this event. All the furniture and decorative items brought in were either rented or – like the “Erneuer-Bar” – stored from previous years. All communication with the guests was handled online. Next year’s goal: to reduce the CO2 footprint even further! We still see possibilities for optimisation in catering and travel and then the stage banner will also be able to be stored.


© Photos: EEHH GmbH/Ingo Bölter