Kontrapunkt continues its successful cooperation with Airbus by winning the project budget for the inauguration of the 4th final assembly line.

Pioneering A320 production

The new final assembly line was presented to the public on 14 June. In addition to Hamburg’s Senator for Economic Affairs Frank Horch and Thomas Jarzombek, Federal Government Coordinator for Aerospace, more than 500 guests from politics, business and media as well as Airbus staff accepted the invitation to Hamburg-Finkenwerder.

For Airbus, the additional production line is a decisive step towards increasing the rate of the A320 family of aircraft. This was an important event for the employees, as they were closely involved in the development of the new technologies and processes. The robot technology used in production for the first time also represents a quantum leap for Airbus in production.

The Show

For the opening ceremony Kontrapunkt decided on a staged hip-hop show. Internationally acclaimed artists made the opening ceremony a stirring experience and brought the symbiosis of man and machine to the stage in a dance-like manner. The energetic show was supported by a video mapping, which served as a harmonious opening and closing for the dance show.

Re-Opening of the A320 Delivery Center

In addition to the new production line, the enlarged and modernised delivery centre for the A320 family was subsequently opened. The building bears the name Walther Blohm, who laid the foundation stone for civil aircraft construction in Finkenwerder in 1940.