With Basler AG, Kontrapunkt leads a company in its customer list that can rightly be called “Hidden Champion”. Hardly anyone knows that a company was founded 30 years ago in the tranquil Ahrensburg near Hamburg that has since developed into the world market leader for industrial cameras.

It’s a pleasure again!

After 2013, Kontrapunkt was able to stage the anniversary event for Basler AG for the second time. And what we were able to experience on this anniversary made a lasting impression on us: In the 5 years since the last event, the company have had continuing success and the number of employees almost doubled.

The lavish employee party as a big thank you from the management to the employees was held in Schuppen 52 with a fantastic view of the Hanseatic city of Hamburg. The event was shaped like no other, by happiness and euphoria. The great sympathy that reigns between the workforce and management was clearly noticeable. Thanks for having us back. We are looking forward to 2023 and wish the whole Basler team a lot of success for the upcoming years!